3 Events on Sat & Sun, Oct 21-22

Open to the Public & All Churches

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Testimonials from Past Events

  • “Brian is the MOST HELPFUL speaker  I have ever heard!”
  • “Best speaker I’ve heard in 25 years at a Christian event."
  • "After hearing Brian, our lives will never be the same."
  • "Brian gave us so many practical ideas, principles, and resources we can IMMEDIATELY use in our lives.”  
  • “I haven’t laughed or learned so much in a long time!”  

3 Events - Register BY THURS, OCT 19 AND $AVE MONEY

Saturday, Oct 21......8:30-10:30am OPEN to Everyone

  Many people don’t know God’s Word, ways, or wisdom when it comes to guiding their financial lives and decision-making. Most people are not aware there are over 2000 verses in the Bible on finances. People of all ages and income levels will benefit from this faith-igniting and life-changing seminar. Best-selling Christian author and inspirational speaker, Brian Kluth, will share on the following topics: 

  • 10 Ways God Provides When the Paycheck Isn’t Always Big Enough
  • 12 Keys to Financial Stability in an Unstable World
  • BONUS: Everyone attending will receive access to a free online at-home course to improve their financial health     


Pre-Register ONLINE by Thursday, Oct 19 and SAVE! Scroll down the page to sign-up below.

Saturday, Oct 21......10:45-12:00pm FREE for Pastors & Church Leaders

   Pastors and church leaders know that the Bible says people cannot serve God AND money. But the people in their churches need help and encouragement to serve God WITH their time, talent, treasure, and things. Brian Kluth will share how any congregation can help create a growing culture of financial health and generosity that will benefit the families in your congregation, your church, community, and world. Topics include: · 

  • National research on church finances 
  • 5 Keys to Growing Joyful Givers in Any Size Church Anywhere
  • 7 Keys to Joyful Living and Giving 
  • How to improve people's financial health 
  • #40Days of Generosity – How to spread God’s love in your community through random and intentional acts of kindness  
  • BONUS ITEMS: Free online resources ($500 value) and free access to online resources and training for personal and church use.

This is a FREE event for Pastors and Church Leaders, but online registrations are requested.  Scroll down the page to sign-up below.

Sunday, Oct 22........6:30-7:45pm OPEN to Everyone

  Over 90% of people do NOT have important information they need before their aging parents, spouse, or adult children passes away. Without necessary information from a loved one, families will find themselves facing unnecessary chaos, confusion, and family conflict. Many families will even lose out on thousands or tens of thousands of dollars because of a lack of written information.  Brian is the author of the Because I Love You Legacy Organizer and will speak on:

  • The BIG 4 – The Most Important Message You’ll Ever Hear to Benefit You & Your Loved Ones
  • BONUS: Everyone who attends will receive the handout: Family History, Stories & Life Lessons: Over 100 Questions You Can Ask Aging Family Members. This will be a great resource for holiday gatherings

Pre-Register ONLINE by Thursday, Oct 19 and SAVE! Scroll down the page to sign-up below.

Register by Thursday, Oct 19th & SAVE!

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Additional Information

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1 - Post info and on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) using the website www.GodandMoney.us and the hashtags #GodandMoney and #Oct2122

2 - Invite or text friends and family the website address with event details - www.GodandMoney.us 

3 - Share this 1-minute or 2 1/2 minute promo video with your church or group. -- or post it on facebook or social media.

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6 - If someone is facing financial challenges, offer to cover the cost of their registration.

IN ADDITION to your personal help promoting these events, we will send a press release to the newspaper and will contact Christian radio stations about adding this to their community calendar.

About the Speaker

BRIAN KLUTH is a bestselling Christian financial author and speaker. His work has been featured in mainstream and Christian and media including USA Today, CBN, CNN, 700Club, NBC, CBS, Kiplingers Money magainze, Family Life  Today radio with Dennis Rainey, Chris Fabry Live, Moody radio, Live the Promise with Susie Larsion from Northwestern/Faith radio, and MoneyWise with Howard Dayton, Steve Moore, and Rob West.  Brian grew up in Wisconsin, worked at Bethel University in Minnesota, takes family vacations to central Minnesota, and now lives in Colorado with his wife, Mary Ellen.  He is the National Director of a grant-funded project for NAE to improve the financial health resources and training of pastors, churches, and Christian families for many denominations.  He and his wife also volunteer time every year to go to  Uganda, Africa for the www.SandiHouse.org ministry that was started in memory of Brian's first wife, who passed away from cancer in 2010.  The SandiHouse.org ministry has helped provide school facilities, equipment, child sponsorships and clean water to needy children and families.

Host Church and Event Details

This "God & Money Weekend - Lessons for LIFE!" is being hosted by First Baptist Church at 210 1st Avenue NE Cook, MN -- but all events are open to the public, all churches, and all pastors and leaders from communities across northern Minnesota.


A light continental breakfast will be provided for the Sat morning session, and refreshments will be provided for the Sun evening session. 

Childcare is available for all sessions, but you will need to contact First Baptist Church and let us know the names and age(s) of each child.  Office email: fbaptistcook@gmail.com Office phone: 218-666-5979   


Contact Pastor Jared Bangs at jaredjjbangs@gmail.com - cell 970-393-2491

Testimonials from Past Events

“Brian is the MOST HELPFUL speaker  I have ever heard!”     

“Best speaker I’ve heard in 25 years at a Christian event!"

"After hearing Brian, our lives will never be the same."

"Brian gave me so many practical ideas, principles, and resources I can IMMEDIATELY use in my life.”  

“I haven’t laughed or learned so much in a long time!”